No, Infisec is a financial organization promoted by CEO Casey Siscar, who is primarily responsible for how many functions are declared on this website, which offers value in means of accessibility to financial markets and other business models. (read Legal Notice)

No, there is no safe field, all jobs, studies, relationships, business, etc. Everything has its proportional part of benefit / risk ratio.

However, there are classified risks and Infisec has several adaptable higher and lower risk plans depending on the user’s interest.

According to the business model to be projected:

  • If the purpose is to invest on your own; Whether with their own platforms, our media, or our Hedge Fund, paid services are not required.
  • If specialized attention is required of our investment methods, participating in affiliation plans or extra operating benefits, as well as opening a distribution center, will be necessary.

Infisec offers various compensation plans. In the event that none of them suits you but you think you can generate business, contact us, we also customize private plans after a user study.

Infisec as an organization is open to worldwide.

However, there are different types of business that depending on the bases and regulations of the country, the service may not be available.

As of February 2020, it can be divided into two places depending on the type of venue we are referring to.

  • Infisec’s fiscal headquarters regulates in Valencia (Spain).
  • Infisec’s registered network office resides in California (USA).

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