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Being in the Markets vs Winning in the Markets


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Being in the markets is not easy and making much less profit.

We have all heard worrying figures about the number of traders losing money in the markets, however we are here, insisting and believing that we have what it takes to beat the odds.

But beyond the confidence in ourselves, we have to study what differentiates successful traders from those who have large losses. So let's summarize the three most important points:

1. Preparation: a good trader never stops educating himself. You know that the best investment is the one you make in quality training, hand in hand with the best experts. I am still surprised to see traders with more than 20 years in the markets that continue to study and train, in fact I think they are the ones who dedicate the most hours to the study. The desire to improve can never stop.

2. Perseverance: we have seen people with great facilities who simply do not achieve their goals because they decide not to continue. Perseverance is the key to reaching any goal, in the markets and in life. Don't be afraid of mistakes! The best ones are the ones who make the most mistakes because they have grown from this. Don't be dismayed!

3. A good analysis: those who do not keep a trading journal, do not carry out analysis, what can they expect? Trading is not roulette… those who win are those who get to know the markets and establish a plan for success.

For this reason, we attach so much importance to technical analysis, which is basically the exploration of market prices for study and knowledge. The rest of the knowledge you can acquire will be of no use if you do not master technical analysis before.

An adequate technical analysis will help you to establish successful operations, to know when and how to take risks, to know the operational levels ... in conclusion, it helps you to be one step ahead of what you can see now in the market.



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